About Our Program

Here at G5 Cattle we are striving to give the commercial and seed stock producer, what they want and they “want it all”! As many know this is very difficult. However we have to start somewhere and we are up for the challenge. We are working towards, first and foremost, carcass quality. Not just an animal that has the potential for great Marbling and Tenderness but the ability to produce these qualities and others with consistency calf after calf. To produce a consistent output you need extremely, complete Functional cattle. And now with DNA/Genomic information available and becoming more and more accurate every year we can pick the right genetics for the desired outcome. And our customers don’t have to take our word for it. We can look to DNA as a tool to support the future outcome along with proven output.

Now with all this being said we still have to be able to do this with economics in mind. It is very important that we achieve the highest levels of cattle production from cattle that harness this ability and perform from the pasture and feedlot. We want our cattle be 100% grass fed. We want them to be hardy and easy to work. One of the great, over looked qualities of a Hereford is their naturally quiet disposition. Just think about a herd that graze naturally to put on the weight. Cattle that have a Strong immune system for easy maintenance. Cows that produce milk in abundance for healthy weight gain to their offspring. And while doing all of this the cattle are easy going with the disposition for children to appreciate. We do not compromise when it comes to the qualities needed to produce the best cattle. These are some of our goals at G5 for our cattle.