About Our F1 Program

At G5 Ranch we don’t take our lesser quality cattle to create our F1’s. We use our best Brahman and Hereford genetics. We also used Homozygous Polled Hereford bulls to breed to our Brahman Cows. Thus producing a Polled F1! Our Hereford Bulls are in the top 1% in marbling and ribeye to produce an incredible carcass quality for our customers. The F1 from a Braham/Hereford cross create the #1 ranked hybrid vigor of any breed. It produces incredible bulk, bone density, hardiness, and heat endurance. The F1 Braford or Tiger Stripe, is heat and insect resistant because of the increased number of sweat glands and oily skin inherited in the Brahman heritage. All this coupled with our selective breeding of top quality Hereford and Brahman genetics produce extremely low maintenance, hardy cattle, with an elite level of carcass quality ready for the white cloth dinner table.

Our Success

Mr. V8 191/7

Mr. V8 259/7

Mr. H Bogota Manso 253/1