About Our Program

What an incredible Breed. “Ranked #1 in hybrid vigor, heat tolerance and efficiency compared to all other beef breeds”! Not to mention these animals will steal your heart. For years, because these animals are so efficient, anyone could throw them in a field somewhere and come back years later with a multiplier of cattle. However this left zero management to selective breeding and left the industry with inaccurate assumptions. The Braham breed can actually produce great carcass quality when someone takes the time to have selective breeding just as they do in the Angus and Hereford breeds. At G5 Ranch we not only used the same methods of genetic selection as we do in the Hereford breed but we also use DNA testing. Also, these cattle have great calving ease. And produce arguably the top F1 cattle on the planet when bred to a Hereford. We don’t just look at phenotype when selecting our cattle we look hard into the data. We look at the type of carcass expected to produce. We make sure the genetics and physical attributes are available to have great milk produce. We look for pasture performance. All cattle at G5 must be functional and have reproducible results from their offspring.