At G5 Ranch, it is our mission to build a herd of Brahman and Hereford cattle, with Quality of Life and Health first and foremost. Having a happy herd of cattle has to be #1. Secondly we want to always strive to improve the genetics of our breeds – both Brahman and Herefords. Carcass Quality, milk production, and calving ease, paired with good disposition, are some of the key traits we are chasing.

We want to move the needle in a positive manor toward producing the best quality beef possible, and doing it safely. We plan to do this from a position of producing quality Hereford and Brahman seed stock genetics. This will allow us to have a larger reach and impact across the country, and internationally, to improve carcass quality, disposition and conformation. Focusing on EPDs along with conformation of both the Brahman and Hereford breeds will help us to get a more consistent, reproducible product. Health, Functionality and Beauty this is the Goal at G5 Ranch!

Last but not least, we want to bring a level of service that is unmatched. Our reputation is very important to us as we want to build an industry of trust. We want to educate as we are educated. We want to give back, and improve ALL lifestyles involved. G5 Ranch is a family run operation, and we look forward to working with you in the future. Visitors are welcome to the ranch at any time. We invite you to come out to view our herd of Brahman and Hereford cattle, and learn a little more about our program.